Food Grade Pumps

food grade pumpsWhat Makes a Pump Food Grade?

It starts with understanding the requirements a food manufacturing plant must follow and then designing food grade pumps based on those requirements. These not only include product integrity and production requirements, but also understanding of the sanitation process and the risks associated with the production of each product.

Why Our Food Grade Pumps Are Better

  • Murzan, Inc. is the pioneer of sanitary AODD (air-operated double diaphragm) pumps in the industry.
  • Its unique design starts with the high polish finish of the inside of the pump, as well as the outside. Murzan treats the outside of the pump just as importantly as the inside. This process greatly reduces any risk of potential cross-contamination both inside and out.
  • Easy visual inspections of all wetted parts – no blind spots, or hidden areas where bacteria can grow.
  • EHEDG Certified for CIP Capability.
  • Oil Free high efficiency air valve eliminates any harmful vapors from being released into the surrounding environment.
  • Extensive variety of sizes allows us to pump a wide array of products.

Our Selection of Food Grade Pumps

  • PI-50 Series – Our AODD pump specifically designed to meet the special requirements of the sanitary industry.
  • PO-50 Poultry Pump – Our AODD pump specifically designed with the needs of the poultry industry in mind.
  • DUS-50 Drum Unloader – The ultimate solution for emptying the most viscous materials from 55-Gallon drums or containers of any shapes.
  • TUS-50 Tote Unloader – The ideal solution for emptying up to 300 gallon containers of highly viscous, and/or heavy materials.
  • KUS-50 Kettle Unloader – The best solution for unloading contoured mixing bowls.
  • AB-70 (Pneumatic Suction Wand Unloader) – Fully integrated modular system for ergonomic unloading of drums and totes.