Drum Pumps

drum pumpsMurzan, Inc. is a pioneer of unloading viscous (non self-leveling) products. Drum pumps and drum unloaders were first designed to replace products that were being shoveled. They are ideal systems for highly viscous products such as tomato paste, peanut butter, jams, fudge and so on.

Murzan offers a wide range of unloaders for various sized containers including drums, kettles, totes, euro-bins, or any other container that you may use.

Why Our Drum Pumps & Tote Unloaders Are Better

  • Murzan, Inc. designs its unloaders specifically to the customer’s needs in addition to the space and height requirements.
  • Murzan is aware that every application is different and flexibility is imperative in the design process.
  • All equipment is CIP-able.
  • Simple operation of the equipment makes it easy to train operators.
  • All unloaders provide a sanitary, hands-off method of unloading products.
  • All unloaders come with PLC and Metering capabilities.
  • All unloaders can unload products up to 30 gpm, depending on the product and unloading parameters.

Our Selection of Drum Pumps & Unloaders

  • DUS-50 Drum Unloader – The ultimate solution for emptying the most viscous materials from 55-Gallon drums or containers.
  • TUS-50 Tote Unloader – The ideal solution for emptying up to 300 gallon containers of highly viscous, and/or heavy materials.
  • KUS-50 Kettle Unloader – The best solution for unloading contoured mixing bowls.