Beverage Industry

Our beverage industry products are custom designed specifically with the beverage process in mind. We are experts in unloading your concentrates and juices.

Murzan designs incorporate the ever-expanding needs for ergonomics. The pneumatic suction wand unit allows the unloading of a 55-Gallon drum without having to take the drums off the pallet. The unit allows the operator to control the wand pneumatically and greatly reduces the risk of injury.

Our designs are flexible to your process needs. We offer equipment that can unload up to four drums of juice/concentrate at one time.

Our Selection of Pumps for the Beverage Industry

  • PI-50 Series – Our AODD pump specifically designed to meet the special requirements of the sanitary industry.
  • DUS-50 Drum Unloader – The ultimate solution for emptying the most viscous materials from 55-Gallon drums or containers of any shapes.
  • TUS-50 Tote Unloader – The ideal solution for emptying up to 300 gallon containers of highly viscous, and/or heavy materials.
  • AB-70 (Pneumatic Suction Wand Unloader) – fully integrated modular system for ergonomic unloading of drums and totes.